About Us

Company Overview

PT Audie Building Industry is the leading steel company in Indonesia since 1978, supplying a large percentage of all metal roofing products sold in these markets. Our company brings to you a revolutionary building material combining the needs of the modern day construction industry with todays scientific research and technology.

The company’s products play a big part in people’s everyday lives, being vita components in suburban houses, highrise buildings and structure and selling Coil PPGL, PPGI, CGL and CGI for factories. We specialize in the production of anykind of metal roofing, wall framing, floor framing, truss framing, doorframe, window frame, metal furing and Canal C products.

Vision and Mission

The Company has led the way in developing tailored solutions to customer’s product requirements. PT Audie Building industry has focused on being responsive to customer’s needs and widely recognised for fostering the development of innovative steel solutions through its own research and through strategic alliances with world-leading technical partners.

To serve customer’s needs directly, over recent years PT Audie Building Industry has build a manufacturing facilities in Jakarta and these are now operating efficiently and growing rapidly in profitability. We are looking to further develop these established businesses and take advantage of the significant potential for growth in provinces such as Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.

Going forward, PT Audie Building Industry is focuse on enhancing its manufacturing excellence, further reducing costs, maintaining value in its existing businesses and pursuing selected growth opportunities, particularly in the company’s primary markets of Indonesia, Pacific country, Middle East and Africa.

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